Gail Heidenhain has given keynotes around the world for a variety of organizations. She moves and inspires her audience with lively, thoughtful and interactive presentations.

The most popular topics are:

Liberating Minds - The Power of Mental Models

Experience how you can recognize and work with mental models that are hindering people and keeping them from being the best they can be. Develop an approach to training and development that shifts perspectives, taps into potential and develops innovative thinking and flexibility. People whose minds are liberated achieve astounding results!


Making Learning Count - The Accelerated Learning Approach

Accelerated Learning offers an approach to training and development that gets consistent results and enables you to make your training and development more effective AND more efficient. Each minute counts. Everything you do is intentional and designed to optimize the learning results back on the job.


The New Global Leader - an Accelerated Learning Approach

As the world grows smaller, leaders play a key role in the success of their global organizations and teams. What does it take to lead globally? How can you develop your leaders or yourself to be the leader who can be the best leader for the organization and each person in it today and prepare the organization for the challenges and opportunities of tomorrow?


Working Effectively Across Cultures - Developing People for a World of Opportunity

Working effectively across cultures is NOT about taking a checklist approach to culture, “He is German, so that means……”; it is about developing the skills and competences to bridge across differences, create an inclusive environment and manage potential conflicts well. Learn how to become a person who can bridge between cultures and create an environment in which each person thrives, contributes and learns.


Personal Effectiveness

Organizations invest in their technology, their research and make sure their machines function well. What about the people? What does it take for people to contribute fully to the sustainability of an organization over time? What does it take for them to become self aware, self-accountability and able to motivate themselves? How can they build and maintain good relationships with all stakeholders? What does it take for them to find the courage and develop the ability to have those conversations that matter in ways that generate opportunities and resolve any contentious issues? How can they develop the resiliency, the flexibility and the drive to do what needs to be done even when the going is rough?


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