Accelerated Learning Certification - Learn it! Apply it!







If you want to

  • Develop the art of facilitation and integrate the science of learning into your work
  • Design programs that foster deep learning and transformation
  • Support your employees or students in thinking critically, acting with intent, and in developing a growth mindset
  • Create integrated learning programs that bring reality into the classroom and learning into life
  • Make your learning programs more effective (you get better results) and more efficient (you are able to get those results quickly and easily)

Delphin's internationally accredited Accelerated Learning programs will provide you with the experiences, learning and support you need to achieve the results you want for yourself, for those who come to your programs and for your organization.

Try out our Foundations in Accelerated Learning program to test the methods, the concepts and Delphin's approach. Not only does the Foundations program introduce you to the theories, practice, principles and methods of Accelerated Learning, it also provides you with a tool kit, practical methods and resources to enable you to make a difference in your facilitation right away.

To become a master facilitator or an effective instructional designer, participate in our 12 day AL Certification Program. It's structure - pre-reading, focused on-the-job assignments, deep personal reflection, learning partnerships, and coaching - in addition to the in-class experiences provide a unique opportunity to develop your skills over time and to design a learning program that will get lasting and observable results back at work and in your learners' lives.

If you would like your team to benefit from the training, we offer inhouse programs customized to your needs. The programs build foundational skills, develop mastery, inspire, re-energize and motivate facilitators and designers to be and give their best.

International Accreditation

The internationally recognized AL Practitioner Certification (12 days or 120 hours of development) builds the competency and skill needed to design and facilitate effectively with Accelerated Learning. This is the first level of certification recognized by the International Association for Accelerated Learning Practitioners (IAALP) and the DGSL, Deutsche Gesellschaft fuer suggestopaedisches Lehren und Lernen.

The international accrediting organizations also recognize two further levels of certification:

The AL Master Practitioner accreditation requires development in key areas pertinent to AL and recognizes those who have experience applying Accelerated Learning, have completed the Practitioner certification, and who demonstrate mastery of the key concepts and processes of the method in their own practice.

AL Trainer Accreditation is awarded to those who have demonstrated their abilities in all areas of Accelerated Learning and have met the rigorous requirements of IAAL and the DGSL to become a trainer of other trainers. The Trainers are then accredited by both international bodies to facilitate AL Practitioner Certification programs. If a trainer/facilitator wishes to offer accredited Practitioner certification programs like the one Delphin is offering, they must first be accredited by one of the two governing bodies IAAL or DGSL). To find out more about the IAALP accreditation process and the three levels of certification, visit the International Association for Accelerated Learning Practitioners' website. For more information on the German accreditation, visit the DGSL.