Inhouse Training



Inhouse training in Accelerated Learning supports your team in achieving consistent and profound results in all your training and developmental programs. The program creates a shared experience that will support them in becoming a team that collaborates and works together to ensure deep, transformational learning that supports business effectiveness.

During the training, your team will have an opportunity to work on a real program and leave with important work completed and new and powerful insights into how to design effective and efficient learning programs.

The result: Your training and development programs achieve better results faster!

Delphin offers a variety of programs inhouse -

  • a one day program “Achieving Top Results Through Training” to raise awareness, lay a foundation and begin to build skills,
  • the 2-3 day “Accelerated Learning Foundations” - practical hands-on workshops that enables the team apply the principles of AL design and facilitation to their training, or
  • the complete Accelerated Learning Certification in which facilitators, trainers, teachers, and instructional designers build the skills and competency to design and facilitate AL based programs effectively. This certification is recognized by the international AL organizations IAAL and DGSL.


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