Accelerated Learning Foundations Program


The AL Foundations program provides a strong basis for becoming a masterful AL facilitator and/or instructional designer. It grounds you in the principles of Accelerated Learning and enables you to begin to apply the methods and processes effectively in your learning programs. This introductory AL program not only gives you an opportunity to experience the power of Accelerated Learning and to decide if it is something that you want to pursue more deeply and intentionally; it also gives you a proven set of tools to design and facilitate deep learning that transforms how people think and their ability to act with intent and focus.

The AL Foundations program is offered as either a two day or a three day program. It always begins with pre-reading and personal reflection questions. The days are then customized to the needs of those coming. During the program, you will experience Accelerated Learning in action and have time to reflect on its relevance to your work. An integral part of the program is the application of the learning to the design or re-design of a personal learning program, one that you choose and bring with you. After the AL Foundations program, you will have an opportunity to apply your learning “back home”. When you decide to continue your AL journey, you will prepare for the three part certification with focused reading, guided on-the-job activities and personal reflection.

As a result of the two days you will be able to:

  • Apply the Accelerated Learning cycle in the design of your learning programs to create more effective and engaging learning
  • Design and facilitate in ways that support a variety of learning preferences and styles
  • Create a physical environment conducive to learning
  • Help learners make a personal and deep connection to the learning, one that motivates and engages!
  • Use various methods and processes in the Discovery Phase to replace ineffective lectures with discovery activities and make presentations or lectures interactive, engaging and effective
  • Design practice activities in the Activation Phase to facilitate mastery of the skills and their application in the lives of the learners
  • Begin to apply the Accelerated Learning techniques and strategies into your own personal projects.