AL Foundation Program: Testimonials


"The learning consultants from around the world benefited from the sessions with Gail. Her broad based expertise in corporate learning coupled with her knowledge of AL theory and techniques resulted in all of us having a better understanding of the importance of quality design and facilitation".
Bonnie Roelofs, Shell, USA

“As a result of using Delphin’s Accelerated Learning approach to develop and facilitate all of our programs, our training and development department has achieved an amazing reputation not only within our organization, but in the insurance world in general.
In our “soft-skills” training we are achieving astounding results in change of behavior, shift in attitude, development of skills and transfer back to the reality of the workplace in a very short time. Not only is learning faster, it goes deeper and affects the results back at work.
And again and again, our participants say: 'I never knew learning could be so much fun!'”
Andreas Lex, SV Sparkassenversicherung, Stuttgart, Germany

“The two days Gail spent with us at CSC really helped shed light on how we as learning designers can improve our program design and learning processes for our adult training and teaching purposes. She provided us with an incredible diversity of learning methodologies under AL that stems from the approach she took in this kind of workshop. I absolutely loved Gail's techniques and facilitation methods, the environment she created for us and the level of interaction and camaraderie she helped build among us. Gail's approach to training is unique. She knows just when to layer on new information during each stage of the AL cycle. She presents the information like a professional story weaver, and it's so smooth. Admittedly, AL can be a challenging methodology to apply to some of our more senior public service programs, which are so resource intensive, but Gail took the time to show us the way, and opened our minds to new ways of doing things.”
Dr Rinkoo Ghosh, Senior Learning Specialist, Civil Service College, Singapore