AL Foundation Program: Content


This two day program will give you an opportunity to experience the power of Accelerated Learning and take away powerful tools, materials and resources to enhance your learning programs. You will be able to rethink your program design and your facilitation based on current research into learning, change and development and best practices from around the world. The Accelerated Learning design template will give you a roadmap for designing programs that get consistent results and support deep, transformational learning.

  • Accelerated Learning Principles and the Accelerated Learning Cycle
  • Working with Beliefs and Aspirations (Suggestion and De-suggestion)
  • The Science of Facilitating Learning – An Inter-Disciplinary Approach
  • Learning Styles and Multiple Intelligences, creating a buffet of possibilities for learners to grow and develop
  • Readiness for Learning – The Learner Preparation Phase - prepare learners mentally, physically and emotionally for the learning to come
  • Framing Learning: demonstrate the value of the learning to the learners, build trust in the process, map out the critical steps to success and show how learners will be supported in their journey.
  • The Connection Phase
    • Surface, then build on, correct or add to what learners "know", have experienced or feel about the learning
    • Help learners discover the personal significance, relevance and meaning for them in the learning to come
  • The Power of Discovery, Experimentation and Reflection
  • Learners as Co-creators of their Own Learning
  • Creating the Right State for Learning – the Power of Music