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"Moving from the one-room schoolhouse
to the one-world schoolhouse is now a reality."
(Cisco Systems)

In today’s fast-paced world continual learning is the ultimate survival skill. Technology now gives us the ability to expand the continuum of learning well beyond the classroom. This means that people can learn at their desks as well as in class. This has prompted an enormous shift towards “e-learning”.

Unfortunately, the term “e-learning” has come to be almost synonymous with Web-based courseware. In a search for less costly learning strategies, many organizations have sought to move content delivery from the classroom to the Web. In many cases, this has had disappointing results. Content delivery, no matter how efficient, does not guarantee learning. And without true learning, any investment in technology is a waste.

At Delphin, we take a different approach. Everything we do reflects the principles of Accelerated Learning, and our approach to e-learning is no different. We use a wide variety of technology, such as email, web conferencing, blogs, Wikis, bulletin boards, and yes, Web-based courses, to facilitate learning before, during and after a class. We carefully evaluate the learning need and choose the most appropriate approach.

By focusing on the needs of the learner we integrate technology into our learning strategy so that learning:

  • Takes place where it makes the most sense, often reducing the need for travel.
  • Allows learners to learn at their own pace, and repeat key content as needed. This helps ensure content mastery.
  • Is fully integrated with the work place, which supports the transition of new concepts and skills from the course to the real world.
  • Is presented in a variety of ways, meeting the needs of diverse learning styles.
  • Is presented using the approach that makes the most sense. This means that concepts can be presented before class, allowing the instructor to spend more time on skills and real-world scenarios.

By applying the best strategy to meet the learning need, we combine human and technological resources to create truly blended Accelerated Learning.

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