Course Design



Delphin has been supporting organizations worldwide in designing learning programs and strategies that get consistent results for over 30 years.

Our "Discovery Approach" to needs assessment combines Accelerated Learning, Appreciative Inquiry, and other innovative techniques to determine the needs, goals, challenges and opportunities for the organization. As a result, your learning programs get results on the job, and you only invest in learning that counts.

In partnership with your subject matter experts and key stakeholders, we create integrated learning programs that bring the reality of your business into the learning environment and take learning back to the workplace. You get results you need in the most efficient and effective way. Your investment in training and develoment counts in terms of your improved business effectiveness.

Delphin designs learning that is

  • supported in pre-work, focused on-the-job activities, personal reflection, and sharing in learning partnerships
  • optimizes the experience and relevance of face-to-face learning,
  • uses technology and social media when appropriate to support learning, and
  • provides support on the job.

The Accelerated Learning approach fosters deep learning, critical and innovative thinking and focused on action.

We bring your world into the classroom and continuous learning back to the job!

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