About Delphin



Delphin means dolphin in German. When we are asked why we named our company dolphin, we like to answer with a story about how dolphins work:

In a research project In Florida, dolphins were used to teach swimming. They played with the children, teaching them through play to know the water. Then the dolphins backed off and observed the children experimenting with what they had learned. At times the children struggled a bit. The dolphins watched intently and allowed them to experiment, discover, and learn. It was only when a child was in danger or too frightened to profit from the experience that a dolphin swam up to the distressed child and gave it a slight nudge in the right direction.

The story is an analogy to the way we work. Delphin designs a learning structure that creates a sense of play and discovery, a safe place for risk. It is our intent to create a learning design that will allow our clients to develop in the direction they want to go. Sometimes that is training, sometimes another form of learning intervention.


Leading by Learning

Delphin supports individuals and organization in developing their business effectiveness by implementing a learning strategy and process that is effective, efficient and proven around the world.

We believe you can become a market leader by learning faster and better. Since we began work as Delphin in Germany in 1990, we have been training people all over the world in Accelerated Learning design and facilitation. Delphin has also consulted for various multi-national organizations on how to improve their learning programs, and how to develop learning programs that get the best return on their training investment.

Your learning and business success is our focus. Our training and development products and services include Accelerated Learning certification, AL tools workshops, training design and development and consultation on your learning strategy and processes.