The AL Cycle



The Accelerated Learning cycle acts as a map to guide the design and facilitation of learning programs that get results. It consists of five phases:

  • The Learner Preparation Phase:
    Prepares the learner physically, mentally, and emotionally for the learning; builds a community of practice that supports learning throughout the program and beyond.
  • The Connection Phase:
    Learners experience the significance and meaning of the content for them and their lives.
  • The Discovery Phase:
    Instead of “covering the content” or “spraying and praying”, learners engage in various ways with the content to prepare the way for skill building.
  • The Activation Phase:
    Learners practice in stages to develop their skills and get ready to apply the learning back at work.
  • The Integration Phase:
    Learners reflect on their key learnings, formulate new questions, and build a bridge back to their real lives.