AL Certification: Program Structure


The certification can be structured in a variety of ways, 3 times 4 days, 4 long weekends, etc. The way the program is organized allows learners to experience Accelerated Learning, develop their skills, then go out and apply what they have learnt. Through guided activities on the job, sharing with others in their learning partnerships, and personal reflection, learners deepen their knowledge and grow their ability to use the learning in their own work.

By working in a "community of practice" in the certification group as a whole, and by forming learning partnerships with 1 or 2 others, each person benefits from the mutual support, the widened perspectives and the social aspects of learning.
Imagine the journey - The certification starts before you arrive for the first module. You receive some relevant and engaging pre-work to complete - reading, self-assessments, observation activities and personal reflection questions to respond to. In between each module, you have focused activities to help you synthesize and apply your learning in personal and significant ways.

Before the last module, you determine the program you wish to design. Using a structured process and design template, you will be able to design a highly impactful program with the coaching and guidance of your facilitator.

Finally, you present your design to the group, your community of practice, and facilitate a portion of it for them. Your model both supports their learning and allows you to receive further feedback and support. On successful completion of your "capstone project", you will be eligible for the internationally recognized and accredited Practitioner Certification in Accelerated Learning.

As a certified AL Practitioner you will also get access to the "Delphin Community". This password protected section provides a platform where you can share your ideas, get support from others and download useful resources for your programs. The community site will help you stay on top of new developments and research. By participating in our forum, you will become an integral part of our community of practice!