AL Certification: Results


Accelerated Learning has been shown to speed up the learning process and increase comprehension, retention and critical thinking skills. Teachers who use Accelerated Learning methods report higher test scores and grades, enhanced intrinsic motivation and improved self-concept and greater class participation.
Corporations are applying Accelerated Learning because it reduces the time away from work needed to achieve the desired results. AL also supports continuous learning on the job and makes learning applicable and relevant to the needs of the organization.

International Development organizations use Accelerated Learning because it helps people with little or no formal education to develop the skills they need to create a life for themselves free of poverty. AL supports profound change in peoples' abilities and their belief in what is possible and obtainable. Because the method focuses on helping learners move beyond limiting beliefs, tap into potential and enables them to learn easily and quickly, it is an ideal methodology to improve peoples' ability to create the life they want for themselves.