AL Certification: Program Content


The content for the 12 day program is:

What facilitates deep learning: a look at current understanding of how we learn, what limits us and what facilitates a process of deep learning as opposed to the surface learning of rote memorization.

Accelerated Learning - What? Why? How?: an overview of the Accelerated Learning model and its underlying principles.

The Pillars of Accelerated Learning - an overview of the foundational pillars that support the success of learning and the learner in AL: the learning environment, music and the arts, playful discovery and experimentation, expanding beliefs and perception, state management, reflection and reflective practice, the role of the facilitator

Working with Belief Systems: Recognize both limiting and enabling beliefs, design activities that help learners move beyond limits in their thinking and tap into their potential. Work with language in ways that help you use language intentionally to empower, open up, focus attention on possibilities, and create opportunities to grow and develop.

The Learning Environment: Create a learning environment in which learners feel safe. Design the environment in support of the type of learning and activities that will facilitate learning. Create opportunities for interaction with the environment, the content, other learners and the facilitator.

Music and Learning: Learn how to choose and use music to support both learning and the optimal energy for what is happening.

Reflective Practice: Use reflection in a variety of ways to deepen learning, surface thinking, create new possibilities, and help learners tap into their inner wisdom.

The Arts and Learning: Learn how to use the Arts to support learning. Write and tell powerful learning stories; help learners surface and write their own personal stories in support of their personal development; use movement to help learners "embody" the learning; integrate role-play, drama, improvisation and other theater activities into your learning programs; learn how to use drawing, collages, and "living" art in support of learning.

Guided Imagery, Visualization, and Centering Activities: Use various meditative tools to deepen learning, tap into inner knowing, build confidence, and make any content or concept come alive.

The Accelerated Learning Cycle (Learner Preparation Phase, Connection Phase, Discovery Phase, Activation Phases, Integration Phase): Learn how to use the cycle to design learning programs with impact, programs that transform. Master each phase of the cycle and explore the diverse activities and approaches that will support learners in their learning journey.

Impact by Design: Learn how to design your learning programs for optimal impact. Develop powerful questions to surface thinking, experience, aspirations, strengths and personal goals in the needs assessment phase. Determine the key outcomes for the learning and the learner/organizational benefits, and choose the best design to achieve impact, not only in the learning program, but back at work, in school, or in learners' lives in general.

The Inner Teacher: Work on becoming the teacher/facilitator you want to be. Develop your own potential and become more and more aware of your own aspirations, potential and rid yourself of any remaining limiting beliefs you have that are getting in the way of your being your best. Become someone who can facilitate deep transformational learning processes and use everything that happens to deepen learning and support learners' development.

Capstone Project: Design your own Accelerated Learning program, anything from 1 hour to several days. Receive coaching and guidance along the way and present it to the group for further feedback and support. Leave with a design that will have impact, one you can use in your work right away!