AL programs shorten the
time needed to master new
learning and apply it effectively
on the job. The emphasis is
on accelerating and deepening
the learning, not speeding up
the amount of “teaching”
or material “covered”.


Employees are back at work
quickly and apply the skills
they’ve mastered effectively
on the job.  

Students learn applicable
knowledge in a short period
of time and easily master
tests because they have
internalized and can apply
the learning.

You have a culture of innovation
based on employees’ changed
mindset, their creative thinking,
flexibility and continuous
improvement on the job.

Students develop their critical
thinking skills and their higher
level thinking skills improve.
They become more flexible
and innovative – both
in thinking and behaving.

People leave with a learner’ s
mindset and use every situation to
learn and improve as they also teach
and coach others back at work.

Employees become more resilient
and change agile and are able to
both support and initiate needed
change on their teams and in the
organization as a whole.

Personal effectiveness and
performance increases and people
engage more effectively with one
another on teams.

Employees are more able to manage
stress, determine the appropriate
response in challenging situations
and support others to succeed.  

Learners develop their social
competency and emotional

The intrinsic motivation for
learning increases.